Solidarity to the Municipality of Bicinicco (Udine)

On Monday, August 7th, the Group donated the tarpaulins from its truck fleet to the Civil Protection of Bicinicco.

The use will be crucial: following the violent atmospheric events that have hit part of Friuli Venezia Giulia in recent weeks, the Municipality has requested assistance to temporarily secure the roofs of buildings.

Mayor of Bicinicco, Paola Turello, thanks the Group: "On behalf of the entire Bicinicco Community, I express my gratitude for the generosity, cooperation, and solidarity shown in providing tarps for the benefit of families severely affected by the storm on July 24th. I also thank you especially for supplying a very useful transpallet lifter for the local Civil Protection team, which has worked tirelessly for the community from the outset. Solidarity in this difficult time is essential to instill confidence in the institutions and economic entities operating in the area to support the affected populations. Once again, heartfelt thanks also on behalf of the entire municipal administration."

"We stand with the people of the municipalities affected by the severe events of recent days," declares Mariarosa Zermano, Vice President of the Group, "continuing down the path of solidarity that has always distinguished us. With this, albeit small, gesture, we hope to bring some families and productive activities back to their everyday lives as soon as possible."