Solidarity Consortium - Aid sent to Ukraine

Thanks to the generosity of numerous wine producers and local realities, coordinated by the Valentino Butussi winery in Corno di Rosazzo, basic food items were collected for populations fleeing the conflict. Loaded on a Ceccarelli Group truck, they have already left for the border between Poland and Ukraine.

Images of thousands of refugees fleeing Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict are circulating around the world. Entire families, women and children forced to leave their homes to find refuge in some European country. And, as always happens in these cases, the solidarity of those who, in the face of those images and those stories, wants to make their contribution.

This is the case of the Valentino Butussi winery in Corno di Rosazzo, historical commercial partner of the Ceccarelli Group of Udine, who did not hesitate to make themselves available, together with other colleagues, to collect basic necessities to send to the affected populations.


The solidarity consortium

«It all started with one of our important Ukrainian importers of wines and foods with whom we have been collaborating for over 20 years - explains Filippo Butussi, one of the three brothers at the helm of the company -. It is from him, in fact, that we received the request for help for the many people who are heading to the border with Poland and who at this moment are in urgent need of food.



This entrepreneur - he continues - has opened a warehouse in Poland, EU territory, and from there he takes care of bringing food and basic necessities to Ukraine ».

This is how, thanks to the coordination of the Butussi company, a real consortium of solidarity was born with other important wineries in the area, but not only, also partners of the same Ukrainian importer, such as Alessio Dorigo of Premariacco, Radikon of Gorizia, Edi Keber from Cormons and Giacomo Fenocchio from Piedmont.

Contacted by Butussi, the producers immediately gave their willingness to provide a budget to buy food goods useful for the population and thanks to the funds raised, the entrepreneur from Corno di Rosazzo got in touch with various companies for the purchase of first necessity.



"There was an immediate response - confirms Butussi - and many have provided their products free of charge, such as Delser di Martignacco, which delivered biscuits and crackers to us, or La Giulia di Gorizia, which donated sweets for the children. , but also many others, from supermarkets in Corno di Rosazzo to those who sold us products such as pasta, canned goods, milk and any other long-life foodstuffs useful to feed as many people as possible at discounted prices ».


The transport entrusted to Ceccarelli

This immediate outburst of solidarity has therefore turned into a balance of food goods that started late in the evening of Friday 4 March for Poland. Ceccarelli Group, the leading Udine company in the transport and logistics sector, has always been at the forefront when it comes to bringing support to someone, offering its loading and transport services, from the production of masks during the first lockdown to aid to populations affected by floods in Germany or earthquakes in Croatia just to name the latest examples.



«With Butussi - comments the president of Ceccarelli Group, Luca Ceccarelli - there is an ancient and solid relationship of collaboration and we have therefore gladly accepted the invitation to take charge of the shipment. A real solidarity consortium, born thanks to the generosity of Filippo and his company, whom we thank again for having wanted to involve us and to which we did not want to lack our support ».