Simcargo new partner

The restart, even in exports, brings with it important news. Starting with new markets that forcefully appear on the commercial scene and begin to establish themselves alongside other more "traditional" ones such as China or the United States. In the old continent, commercial exchanges are returning to look with increasing interest at Eastern Europe, with Germany as a fundamental bridge between East and West.

The map with the highest potential for exports, not only from Friuli, but also from neighboring Veneto where Ceccarelli Group has one of its offices, has produced an overall value of goods to the main Eastern European countries of over 1 billion euros in 2020. Machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and metallurgy, but also food and clothing, are the sectors with the greatest increase and the prospects indicated by the Ice-Prometeia estimates forecast a double-digit rise in exports in 2021.

Ceccarelli Group, a Friulian company leader in the logistics and transport sector based in Udine, Trieste, Padua, Milan and Prato, wants to be a support to its customers and after joining Astre, a leading network in the French market, becomes now partner of Simcargo, the largest transport network for Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

"We always try to anticipate the needs of our customers - explains Stefano Gambardella, head of the international division of Ceccarelli Group - and the enormous growth in traffic due to the massive return of industries to European markets has forced us to find the best possible solution to provide their logistical support in these markets ".

Simcargo, which was born from the union of the two historic networks ILN and STAR, in addition to having 260 affiliates in Germany connected to each other through a central hub and 24 regional transshipment points, has more than 70 affiliates in the rest of Europe, thus allowing Ceccarelli to serve 37 nations more easily. The network structure also makes it possible to obtain information on the needs related to the shipment practically in real time if not, more often than not, in advance of the entire process.

After a difficult year like the one just passed due to the pandemic, therefore, it is essential to increase the range of solutions available to its customers. Flexibility, network and innovation become the imperatives to cope with the economic recovery in progress and support industrial growth.

“We guarantee a daily network of European connections - concludes the president of Ceccarelli Group, Luca Ceccarelli -, which allows fast and competitive transport of all types of shipment. With Simcargo we have completed the alliance with the best European networks and partners, inserting an important piece for Germany and Eastern Europe ".


Ceccarelli Group Press Office