Road transport emergency due to the increase in methane prices

Almost 40% of trucks at risk of blocking due to the increase in methane prices and the reduction in stocks of ADBlue, the indispensable additive for the operation of heavy vehicles Euro 5 and 6. The alarm is raised by Maurizio Longo, general secretary of TrasportoUnito FIAP, denouncing increases that on the one hand have brought the cost of methane to almost 2 euros per kilo, on the other hand have doubled the cost of ADBlue, essential for the operation of diesel vehicles, and caused a constant decrease in the stocks of 'additive.

The paradoxical effect in a country that travels from scrapping to scrapping with the declared aim of reducing emissions, is that the most ecological vehicles risk remaining in the garage, about 1.5 million nationwide, of which 300 thousand with capacity over 35 quintals.

"It's the umpteenth pickaxe that jeopardizes the stability of a sector already struggling with heavy worsening of the costs of fuels, vehicles, personnel and with a shortage of employees aggravated by the green pass effect, which has significant repercussions also on work organization. "

This is said by Luca Ceccarelli, President of the Udine Group which with 190 employees and a forecast of over 40 million in turnover in 2021 is one of the main companies in the sector with head in Friuli Venezia Giulia. In essence, it rains it pours, and if it is true that road transport is growing, the thermometer of an economy recovering after the shock of 2020, the variable costs and the management of the green pass are increasingly important factors: "I know of companies with many vehicles stopped - explains Ceccarelli - and even we, even if we work with 100% of the dependent drivers and with absences of less than 10% among the owners, we have some problems. green pass and the need to program texts for unvaccinated drivers. "