New Logistics Hub in Pordenone

The start of operations in the new facility in early June


The Group, a leader in the logistics and transport sector, has recovered the historic Poletti Spa furniture factory in the industrial area of ​​Budoia with an investment of 5 million euros. Between Pradamano, Tolmezzo and now Budoia, for a total area of over 30,000 square meters, the logistics offer in Fvg of the Ceccarelli Group is growing.


Some have already defined it as the "logistics triangle in Friuli Venezia Giulia". Ceccarelli Group, leader in the transport and logistics sector, opens a new, large center in the Pordenone area.

After the ribbon-cutting in Pradamano and Tolmezzo, in fact, the company which has its headquarters in Udine, but with offices in Trieste, Padua, Milan and Prato, has been able to rely on a 16,000-metre structure for a few days now warehouse switchboards in the industrial area of ​​Budoia, a few kilometers from Pordenone. The new center of Budoia, which extends over a total area of ​​40,000 square meters, is located where the historic Poletti Spa furniture factory was operating until a few years ago, which has now become a new logistics hub. Therefore, between the two municipalities in Friuli and the one in Pordenone, the total area of ​​the buildings dedicated to Ceccarelli Group logistics alone reaches over 30,000 square metres.

A choice, that of opting for the recovery and renovation of existing buildings, which goes in the direction of not consuming new land and leaning instead towards the redevelopment of abandoned areas to revitalize the industrial fabric at the service, first of all of the territory, precisely as already happened with the logistics hub of Pradamano and Tolmezzo.

«Consistent with our corporate vision oriented towards sustainability - explains the president of Ceccarelli Group, Luca Ceccarelli -, we have decided not to build buildings, but to redevelop existing ones. We choose properties that have characteristics that make them suitable for the storage of all types of goods and that, therefore, are compliant with equipment such as, for example, sprinklers and smoke extractors that allow them to withstand an adequate fire load, as well as anti-theft systems and state-of-the-art video surveillance.

The decision to focus on the Pordenone area, after the capital of Friuli, Carnia and Trieste, where Ceccarelli has already had its headquarters since 2010, derives from the strategic location of the right Tagliamento area. «The former province of Pordenone, but in general the nearby eastern Veneto, which in this way we will be able to serve more easily - explains Ceccarelli -, are very lively areas from the entrepreneurial and institutional point of view. Not to mention the fact that several road infrastructure projects are in the works».


The new center of Budoia

The new logistics center in the industrial area of ​​Budoia will be operational in early June, as mentioned, it covers 40,000 square meters with a large area for parking and moving vehicles, and in the future with areas for electric recharging of the vehicle fleet . The structure, completely renovated, has one thousand square meters dedicated to offices and 16 thousand square meters of warehouse. Of these, 8,000 have a height of 6 meters under the beam, while the remaining 8 go beyond 9 meters in height. The latter half will be racked to generate a stock capacity of around 10,000 pallets, while in the lower section it will be possible to process goods on the ground, oversize and out of shape, thus intercepting multiple product categories. Seven loading bays are currently already operational with the possibility of reaching 10, while there are 3 level doors that allow vehicles to enter the warehouse to allow lateral unloading operations. An additional warehouse will be built within the area dedicated to the storage of lithium batteries, as they are very problematic from the point of view of fire prevention and increasingly widespread in many industrial sectors. As far as human resources are concerned, two people will work in the Pordenone area in the office and 6 in the warehouse, which will rise to 8 as soon as full capacity is reached.


An evolving market

«The one in the Pordenone area - explains Luca Ceccarelli - is one of the largest investments made in the history of the Group. Between the building, renovation and equipment, we have allocated 5 million euros. The contracts already signed for around 40% of the surface and numerous other ongoing negotiations confirm the need for solutions by the industries. In recent years, especially after the pandemic – he continues -, all the limits of global supply chains have emerged. Just-in-time has been challenged by interruptions in supply chains due to the most diverse factors that we know well, by the blockade of the Suez Canal and that of the ports, by Brexit, by Covid, by the explosion in freight prices of containers. This is why today there is a trend towards reshoring, or near shoring of suppliers. Companies want to have the goods at home or very close and thus bypass the bottlenecks that have blocked the business in the last period».

It is no coincidence that the 8,500 square meters of Pradamano were filled in a month and a half and the Tolmezzo pole, almost completely occupied, reached saturation in three months. The one in Pordenone, therefore, has excellent possibilities of solving the space problems of many companies in the area.

«We believe it is important to listen to customers - concludes Ceccarelli -, trying, as far as possible, to anticipate their needs. This conviction has led us to develop integrated solutions in the field of the supply chain that allow customers to dialogue with a single entity regarding transport, software development and integration, process consultancy as well as the availability of deposit".


Ceccarelli Group press office