New Logistics Center in Pradamano (Ud)

From abandonment, after a series of closures and seizures, to rebirth, thanks to a Friulian excellence. Ceccarelli Group, national and international leader in the road transport and logistics sector, has been the tenant of the building that overlooks regional road 56, in via Nazionale 42 in Pradamano for a few days. The history of the area - 25,000 square meters, of which 8,000 meters of property that will be renovated and modernized thanks to an investment of 500,000 euros - is well known. The International China Ingromarket center was located there, a wholesale commercial center that had about twenty points of sale, which ended up under seizure in 2019 following a long series of breaches from the point of view of security and more. The restoration of the building, where the logistics activity will include unloading and loading operations, registrations of the product categories, archiving, shelving of shipments, will last a few months. The prospect of the company, which will hire two new resources, is to become fully operational in January 2022.

"We were looking for a real estate solution in the province of Udine to combine our current logistics hubs into a single center, a space that also had a suitable size not only to satisfy the existing request, but also to expand the logistics offer for the client, given the exponential growth of demand - explains Luca Ceccarelli-. Having looked at various solutions, we have focused on this, preferring the recovery of abandoned areas and therefore the revaluation of the existing, to construction from scratch. Among other things, it is one of the few properties suitable for 'logistic activity for usability and high fire prevention load, fundamental aspects, but often taken for granted ". Meanwhile, new ideas are emerging. The focus is on logistics in the wine sector. "We are evaluating the possibility of creating a temperature-controlled area in the building, to meet the greater demand of the wine sector. In our area, there are not many structures with these spaces, which prevent alterations to the product".


Graphic realization arch. Lorena Todaro

Press Agency Il Messaggero Veneto