Longobardi Basket Cividale Sponsor

There is another great new entry in the family of sponsors who support the Longobardi basketball Cividale in the 2021-2022 season.

The ducal association will in fact be able to count on the support of an important Friulian company which over the years has achieved both a national and international vocation. We are talking about Ceccarelli Group, the well-known company with headquarters in Udine and four branches located in Trieste, Padua, Milan and Prato. Ceccarelli Group is the ideal logistic partner for companies, as it guarantees shipping services in Italy and Europe, integrated logistics and software development. Ceccarelli Group supports logistical and transport needs through the quality and added value of its work, offering maximum customization of solutions. According to Ceccarelli Group, the ideal “business partner” must not set limits to the needs of customers, but must transform challenges into new opportunities to be pursued together.

«Knowing that we have a partner of the caliber of the Ceccarelli Group at our side is a source of great pride and responsibility for us. I would like to personally thank Mrs Mariarosa Zermano and her son Luca Ceccarelli, vice president and president of the Group, with a pinch of emotion, for having decided to believe in us and in our mission to focus on "millenials", following the sporting example at 360 degrees of the late Presidentissimo Bernardino. We are among the youngest teams in the Serie C Silver championship by choice, because the boys must have the opportunity to grow and compete with the highest tournament at the regional level. Behind the first team is the youth sector made up of four teams, set up as always in symbiosis with the Poliposportiva, who spent the last weekend in retreat in the facilities made available by the Municipality of San Pietro al Natisone. And in these days the minibasket has also restarted », says the president Massimo Fontanini.

Longobardi Cividale Press Office