Inauguration of Tolmezzo Logistic Center

The ribbon cutting today, Friday 25 November in the presence of the top management of Group, of the regional councilor Bini, of the vice president of the regional council, Mazzolini, by the director of the Carnia Industrial Park Farinelli and the mayor of Tolmezzo Vicentini CECCARELLI GROUP, INAUGURATED THE NEW SETTLEMENT IN TOLMEZZO (UD)

After Pradamano and the doubling of the Padua office, the leading Friulian company in the logistics and transport sector will occupy two new units of Carnia Industrial Park (over 6,500 m2) with LogLab, the Group's logistics division

Luca Ceccarelli: «A duty to restore the trust placed so far in the territory. Like this we try to contribute through opportunities for growth and employment. It is said that all good things come in threes so let's leave something to do for 2023 as well"


The doubling of the Padua office first and, subsequently, the inauguration of a new logistics hub in Pradamano. Now for the Friuli-based Ceccarelli Group, a leading company in the transport and logistics sector, the time has come to cut the ribbon for a new "home".

The new spaces at the Economic Development Consortium – Carnia Industrial Park in Tolmezzo (Ud) were inaugurated today, Friday 25 November. Once the works carried out by the logistics hub have been completed, Ceccarelli will henceforth occupy the first two units with LogLab, the corporate division of the Group which provides specialized logistics outsourcing services integrated with the supply chain of customer manufacturing companies, as a natural extension of traditional transport activities.

At the ribbon cutting, in addition to the president Luca Ceccarelli and the top management of the Group, the regional councilor for Productive Activities and Tourism, Sergio Emidio Bini, the vice president of the regional council, Stefano Mazzolini, the mayor of Tolmezzo, Roberto Vicentini, and the director of the Industrial Park, Danilo Farinelli.

«The Carnia Industrial Park - commented the President of Ceccarelli Group, Luca Ceccarelli - represents an opportunity to restore the trust placed so far in the territory. We believe - he continued - it is a moral duty that we carry forward by settling in the Industrial Park and thus trying to contribute to growth and employment opportunities, at the same time spreading the pride of work in the mountain area. With the new opening in Tolmezzo – continued Luca Ceccarelli – we will try to satisfy the many requests in order to offer an innovative service that will allow manufacturing companies to outsource the management of logistics activities with important advantages, also for the income statement».


«The path that has brought us to this point is also a brilliant example of how entrepreneurial spirit and respect for the territory can be combined - underlined Bini -. Only until a few years ago this was an abandoned area, occupied by two decommissioned warehouses. Thanks to a process carried out by the Region, an industrial consortium and companies, today that old site has radically changed its face. With an economic effort of 13.7 million euro, of which 60% provided by the Region, used for the purchase, demolition, reclamation and construction of the works, today we have 'new' 40 thousand square meters, of which 20 thousand covered, recovered from the degradation and reused for new activities. The goal that we reached today with the ribbon cutting of this important logistics management center - concluded the regional councilor - speaks of how important the virtuous synergy between public and private is and brings good results: teamwork that creates wealth, jobs and local development.

«Congratulations to the Ceccarelli family – commented Mazzolini – who today inaugurate a very important logistics center for the local economy in Tolmezzo. The Region has financed almost 10 million for the development of the industrial center of Upper Friuli, making a decisive contribution to the industrial and employment relaunch of our land».

Growing logistics

In the post pandemic, logistics has undergone significant changes. «The scenarios have changed – explained Ceccarelli – and they will no longer be the same. We are facing a growth scenario and the estimates for 2022 predict that logistics in Italy will settle at a +2.8% reaching 92 billion in turnover. So the positive trend of reshoring and nearshoring, i.e. bringing supply chains and production back to the region and to Italy, is proving to be successful. There are challenges that we cannot fight alone, but united. I am thinking – the president of Ceccarelli Group specified – of inflation, the increase in operating costs or the lack of personnel, which add up to already current issues such as sustainability and digitalisation. We try to do our part – he concluded -. After Pradamano we are at the second inauguration and it is said that all good things come in threes. So we leave something to do for 2023 as well ».

The services offered by Ceccarelli Group will make their multi-client platforms available to companies in the area, thus providing total digital visibility of the progress of the handling processes. The solutions are supported by an engineering analysis of the company's internal processes, with autonomous use of the customer portal, to view the goods in stock, the handling and the progress of the orders in real time.

The new LogLab spaces

LogLab, which, as mentioned, represents the logistics division of the Ceccarelli Group, will occupy a total space of approximately 6,500 square meters, capable of accommodating up to 6,400 pallet places on shelves and on the ground. The two modular units will be equipped with 8 loading bays, a fire-fighting system with sprinkler system, LED lighting, a photovoltaic system, offices and staff services and, outside, with large independent spaces for moving the vehicles.

The new logistics park

The overall redevelopment operation of the area by the Consortium involved significant interventions for the rehabilitation and reclamation of a vast area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 40,000 square meters, following the demolition of the industrial buildings, now abandoned for over a decade, which partially occupied the site. In June 2021, the construction site for the construction of the Logistics Center was therefore started, which today measures a total of 20,000 square meters of covered area and about 14 meters in height, with an internal useful height of 10.50 metres. The investment of the Carnia Industrial Park was more than 13 million euros, with the use of a significant portion of regional contributions granted thanks to the Rilancimpresa and SviluppoImpresa Laws.