Friuli Solidale Project

60 thousand masks donated thanks to the generosity of the Friulians

More than positive results for the project promoted by Ceccarelli Group. Over 70 volunteers, thanks also to Confartigianato Udine, sewed by hand during the lockdown.


Almost 60 thousand masks distributed from April to December to more than 30 among health and hospital facilities, associations, doctors, municipalities, retirement homes and public transport companies in the province of Udine. A meticulous and careful work, the result of the commitment and dedication of over 70 men and women and, more generally, of the spirit of solidarity entirely made in Friuli.

This is the balance sheet of the "Friuli solidarity" project that Ceccarelli Group of Udine has conceived and coordinated since the first wave of the Covid 19 pandemic. "An idea - explains Luca Ceccarelli, president of the group operating in the transport and logistics sectors - started from my father Bernardino. As it was in his spirit, in fact, he did not hesitate for a moment to contribute in a difficult moment like the one in which we all found ourselves living with the explosion of infections. An idea that started with him - he continues - but immediately married with conviction by the whole company that I thank, as well as all those who in various ways have contributed to achieving ".


This is how the organizational machine was immediately set in motion, thanks also to the immediate support and support of many regional realities who, in a short time, wanted to contribute financially to the project up to the figure of almost 18 thousand euros. No less important was the commitment made by Confartigianato Udine which immediately made available 10 artisan seamstresses who joined the over 60 volunteers, women and men, who in their genuine simplicity decided to take needle and thread in hand with meant to help others. Sitting at the table, night and day, during the first lockdown they sewed 57,000 300 masks and prepared over 200 kits ready to be distributed to those who needed them most.

"That of our seamstresses was a generous and timely response", Graziano Tilatti, the president of Confartigianato-Imprese Udine, comments. "They made their time and skills available without hesitation, to lend a hand when masks there was nowhere to be found. My sincere thanks go to them. To them and to the late president Bernardino Ceccarelli, who until the end dedicated himself to promoting work and solidarity in favor of Friuli, a land to which he was strongly linked and which owes him a lot ”.

The commitment of the Friuli Solidale project, in addition to the economic one, has been to bring together and coordinate the good will of the Friulian people. “At the beginning of the pandemic, as many will remember, - says the CEO of Ceccarelli Group, Gabriel Fanelli - many companies have found themselves dealing with a shortage of masks. It was almost impossible to find them on the market and so we took action to make them by hand thanks to the disinterested solidarity of the Friulian people who, both economically and with their own work by hand, helped to fill, at least in part, that gap. For all this commitment - he concludes - we can only say thanks to all those who, in the face of a moment of great difficulty, have found the strength and good will to participate in this project ”.

During the summer the decline, but with the recovery of autumn the health emergency and the consequent demand for masks returned to reappear. Hence the commitment in distribution until last December.

Many, it was said, the sponsors who wanted to contribute and to whom the Ceccarelli Group and Confartigianato Udine would like to send their heartfelt thanks: private citizens, companies such as Multiservizi Galileo, and local banking institutions such as Banca di Cividale, Bancater Credito Cooperativo Fvg and Primacassa.