Four Ceccarelli Group trucks to help Ukraine

"The first shipment of medical supplies for the Romanian border left Palmanova on Tuesday 8 March to give support and comfort to the refugees who are leaving Ukraine. We are also organizing to bring the sorting center to Slovakia as requested by the National Department in coordination with the European one ”. The announcement was made by the deputy governor of the Region with responsibility for Civil Protection, Riccardo Riccardi, from the Palmanova operations center.

"On board four trucks made available by the Ceccarelli Group - explains the executive representative Fedriga - medicines and pharmaceutical devices collected in recent days between the regions were loaded. Our office has been identified as the national hub of the sorting center for material coming from all over Italy and which from time to time will be sent to the places that will be indicated by the national Department. That of the convoys departed from Palmanova will not be an easy journey; we know that we entrust these loads to high-quality professionals who are both our Civil Protection technicians, as well as the staff of the Friulian company that has made available some of the convoys and drivers, to whom my thanks go ".

For a load that has taken off from the operations center, there is another that is being set up in these hours. “We are preparing - Riccardi explains - for the departure of a column made up of men and vehicles that will set up a sorting facility to be set up in Slovakia just outside the Ukrainian border, intended for the flow of refugees. We are waiting to receive the green light from the National Department which moves in coordination with the European Civil Protection mechanism ”. The operational structure has also been involved for a few days on another side. "Men and women of civil protection and the health service - clarifies the deputy governor - are managing all the activities related to the reception and health security of refugees who are crossing our borders.

This work will intensify with the passing of the hours, in concert with the Prefectures and the involvement of all the municipalities ”. “The Civil Protection system - concludes Riccardi - is now“ trained ”as this is the third emergency it is managing in four years. In every circumstance our volunteers have always shown extraordinary commitment and efficiency and I am sure that even in this circumstance they will show their great professionalism."