Conference Ceccarelli Group e Carr Service


Ceccarelli Group: "We have always been sensitive to the issue of warehouse safety and this event represents an important opportunity to raise awareness and attention to a fundamental issue."

Newspaper reports, which often feature stories of workplace accidents, confirm this. The Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL) also confirms this. In its annual report last October, INAIL highlighted that in 2022, accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace increased by almost 25% compared to the previous year. No workplace or sector is immune, including logistics, whose warehouses present multiple risk factors, including the machinery used to transport goods.

This is the starting point for the conference that Ceccarelli Group, a leading Friulian company in the logistics and transport sector, will host on March 21st at 4 pm at its Tolmezzo headquarters. The meeting is organized by Carr Service, a company founded in 1984 in Basiliano, one of Ceccarelli Group's suppliers with long experience in the logistics and goods handling sector. It is in Carr Service that, during its long path of growth and evolution also in the training field, a dedicated Academy was created that deals with the organization of several events to deepen this very often underestimated topic, as well as the training of operators on the use of equipment and safety in general.

The Conference

The meeting, entitled "Seiri and K.I.T. Method: Managing Risks for Safer Logistics", will see the participation of a qualified pool of local and national experts, starting with Simonetta Rossi Espagnet, logistic solutions safety advisor for Toyota Material Handling Italia. She will be joined by Matteo Frassinetti, italy sales specialist of Kiwitron and Andrea Pignolo, member of the logistics solutions of Carr Service.

"We are proud to collaborate in the organization of such a resonant conference," says Matteo Pegoraro, head of the logistics division Loglab, a company of Ceccarelli Group. "Our Group has always been sensitive to the issue of warehouse safety and this event represents an important opportunity to raise awareness and attention to a fundamental issue. The collaboration with a partner of excellence like Carr Service is a source of great pride for us."

The aim of the conference is to keep the attention high on safety in warehouses and around industrial shelving, a topic still too often underestimated. The meeting therefore aims to provide a complete overview of the risks and dangers associated with warehouse activities, offering participants an opportunity for in-depth study and awareness.

"We are excited to organize this event in collaboration with Ceccarelli Group," says Monica Della Picca, vice president of Carr Service. "Workplace safety is a fundamental issue and the participation of an authoritative company like Ceccarelli represents a value added of great importance for the initiative. We trust that this conference can be a moment of growth and comparison for all participants," she concludes, "contributing to increasing awareness of warehouse safety and creating a safer working environment for everyone."

At the end of the working session, open to companies and individuals operating in the logistics sector, as well as to safety managers and workers as well as professionals interested in deepening the issue, an aperitif will be organized by the social cooperative Hattiva Lab. A way to combine safety and solidarity, two apparently distant aspects, which instead meet here thanks to the inclination of the two companies that also on these principles base their being close to the territory.