Ceccarelli Group together with Movimento Turismo del Vino FVG

The Friulian company leader in the logistics sector becomes an official partner of the association led by Elda Felluga.

MtvFvg president Elda Felluga: “To offer our associates the possibility of a tailoring service to wine tourists. In fact, the desire on the part of tourists to shop in the cellar and receive the wine directly at home is growing more and more ”.

Friuli home of wine and good drinking. The regional association led by Elda Felluga, who since 1993 has been the standard-bearer of a lifestyle based on the discovery of the territory and, in particular, of the most beautiful areas suited to viticulture, is well aware of this. Ceccarelli Group is equally convinced of this, a leading Friulian company in the logistics and transport sector with offices in Udine, Trieste, Padua, Milan and Prato, which with the Movimento Turismo del Vino Fvg has just signed an agreement to become the association's official carrier.

It could not be otherwise for two realities both anchored to the territory and to everything that represents it. "Living every day in close contact with the excellence of the wine sector - explains the president of Ceccarelli Group, Luca Ceccarelli - makes us understand the high value of the product and customer expectations. The fact of having entered into a collaboration with a prestigious association such as the Movimento Turismo del Vino Fvg, therefore, fills us with pride and we are ready to make our skills available to enhance together the territory and the extraordinary excellence that characterize it ".

An awareness that, never as much as in this period marked by the crisis, is combined with the desire of Ceccarelli Group and Movimento Turismo del Vino Fvg to put themselves at the service of the entire supply chain to support producers towards a restart that is starting to show its first signs of hope towards a return to normality.

The association, based in Udine, and the approximately 60 associated wineries, which firmly believe in wine tourism and which, therefore, make hospitality one of their main objectives, will now be able to use the services offered by the a group that has its beating heart right in the Friulian capital.

"We are very satisfied with this new collaboration - underlines Elda Felluga, president of the MtvFvg association - desired not only for the communion of intent that characterizes the two realities, but also to offer our associates a highly professional partner, able to provide an important integrated logistic support and the possibility of a tailoring service for wine tourists. In fact, the desire on the part of tourists to shop in the cellar and receive the wine directly at home is growing more and more: a pleasant memory of the holiday just spent in our beautiful and varied region ".

Not a simple transport, that of wines and spirits. In addition to offering the suitable means for precious goods, in fact, Ceccarelli Group will also provide an integrated logistics service that provides the possibility of storing goods in controlled temperature warehouses, of managing incoming and outgoing flows in real time, as well as checking the stocks in the cellars and restoring the necessary stocks.

And if the promotion and dissemination of knowledge of the culture of wine in Friuli Venezia Giulia is achieved thanks to the numerous events, Ceccarelli will not fail to do its part also on the occasion of the next appointment of Cantine Aperte, organized as always by the Wine Tourism Movement and that this year falls on the weekend of Saturday 29, Sunday 30 May and Saturday 19, Sunday 20 June.