Ceccarelli Group strengthens international road transport

New transport network in Europe, Astre.

Ceccarelli Group - formed by the Parent Company Ceccarelli, Transfriuli and Ceccarelli Finanziaria - passed 2020 with satisfactory results, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. "We can depict the trend of the year with the roller coaster", explains Luca Ceccarelli, president of the Group, in this interview with TrasportiEuropa. “2020 has started well. Thanks to the strategies and innovations launched earlier, we have recorded double-digit growth. Then, from March to April, the emergency brought down turnover, with a good recovery in the summer, a decline in October and November and further growth in December. For us, the diversification of services and types of goods has been winning in tackling the crisis. Thus, international and industrial full-load transport and logistics have held up well, which compensated for the suffering of national transport, except that dedicated to e-commerce, groupage and single pallets ".

And it is precisely on international road transport that the company is aiming for development in 2021. "We are aiming for the French market. France is the second largest export market for Italy after Germany and is increasing its importance due to Brexit because a lot of traffic destined for Great Britain is sorted in France and Germany ", explains Ceccarelli. The Group has been working with Great Britain for some time, especially for industry and alcoholic beverages. "To face the difficulties of the procedures imposed by Brexit we have promoted training courses for our road haulage suppliers and customers".

The Ceccarelli Group also has important projects for Italy: "On the national territory we have plans to expand the logistics platforms. The pandemic has accelerated the demand for flexibility, which was already in place, for flexibility from supply chain companies and to transform the fixed cost into variable. We have noticed an increase in the demand for the outsourcing of logistics, which we want to satisfy with new platforms in Lombardy and in the North-East ”.

As part of this development, the Ceccarelli Group joined the European Astre grouping: "The spirit of collaboration between the companies in the network led us to join Astre Italia, after a long collaboration. In November 2018 we joined the Astre Plus pallet transport service, that is, since its debut. We are now fully integrated into the Astre network, which is the largest European road transport grouping. We were driven by the values ​​of the group, which are expressed in the active collaboration between members and their high professionalism. From an operational point of view, we appreciate the possibility of constantly comparing ourselves with other national and international companies. In short, it is a source of inspiration and a chance for growth ".