Ceccarelli Group Co-Main Sponsor of Martignacco!

Libertas Martignacco is pleased to announce a novelty among the two main sponsors who historically associate their name with the first team of the association chaired by Fulvio Bulfoni. From this season, in fact, the Itas insurance brand will be joined by the Ceccarelli Group brand which in turn takes the place of the Città Fiera brand. This is because the bond of the Ceccarelli family with Libertas is indissoluble and the will is to carry on the baton left by the late Presidentissimo Bernardino. For Città Fiera, however, this is by no means a step backwards as the Bardelli family brand will continue to be a partner of Libertas like many other sponsors.

"The Ceccarelli family - explains Fulvio Bulfoni, president of Libertas Martignacco - always feels an advocate and an integral part of the Libertas project undertaken many years ago by his friend Bernardino. As a company we can only thank our son Luca Ceccarelli and his wife Mariarosa Zermano, respectively president and vice president of Ceccarelli Group, because we will be able to continue our business in a certain way and continuing to be a training and growth school for young people as Bernardino desired. Our thanks also goes to all the other sponsors, such as Città Fiera, who will continue to be at our side and will allow us to maintain and consolidate high-level sport in Martignacco. We are setting up a team in the image and likeness of coach Gazzotti. With a nice mix between confirmed and new arrivals. In the next few days we will announce important news… ».

"Bernardino has entrusted us with a great responsibility as a family-company - says Mariarosa Zermano, vice president of Ceccarelli Group and wife of the late Bernardino - and this is why it seemed to us the best way to continue, supporting his passion. as well as his dedication to sport. In particular, her commitment to young people accompanied Libertas Martignacco to the finish line of the national A2 women's series, always favoring the green line for the growth of future talents. Thanks also to all those people and companies who have and continue to share the passion for this wonderful sport of volleyball ».

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