Ceccarelli Group and Croce Verde Goriziana.

The earthquake continues to torment Croatia, even from Udine the solidarity of the Fvg

A humanitarian collection is underway, the collection points in Gorizia and Udine. A Ceccarelli Group truck will take care of the transport to the Zara logistics hub

Another shock, another, just yesterday, February 24, less than a week after the previous one. Still in the same town of Petrinja, near Zagreb in Croatia, already battered by the strong earthquake at the end of December when the earthquake caused the death of seven people and caused extensive damage with almost 4,000 displaced persons. It is precisely to those people that the earthquake brought everything to life, including the sacrifices of a life and hopes.

Concrete help for the displaced from Petrinja

To give concrete help to the displaced people of Petrinja, the Gorizia Green Cross, together with the Ceccarelli Group of Udine and many other realities such as the Agesci of Cormons, Time for Africa of Udine, the Madonna della Misericordia parish of Campagnuzza in Gorizia and the Community of the Italians in Zadar decided to mobilize with a collection of materials to take directly to the areas affected by the earthquake.

The Gorizia Green Cross - explains Andrea Duca, one of the leaders - has always dealt with emergencies and after the serious earthquake that hit Croatia, we thought about how to concretely give a hand to the affected populations. So - he continues -, through the association of Italians in Zara, we tried to understand, after the very first emergency, what the needs of the people were now. The cold, in particular, does not help and we have drawn up a list of goods that can be collected and that, thanks to the generosity of Ceccarelli, we will be able to bring directly to the logistics hub of Zara ”.

From tents to boots to electric stoves the goods now needed

At the moment, because needs can change from week to week, there is a need for tents, electric heaters, cold boots, inflatable mattresses, flashlights and batteries to power them, raincoats and cookware.

There are two collection points, one in Gorizia thanks to Don Fulvio Marcioni of the Madonna della Misericordia parish in via Pola 20 in the Campagnuzza district, and another in Udine, in via Romeo Battistig 48, which will be coordinated by the non-profit organization Time for Africa.

Transportation to the humanitarian aid center

Once collected thanks to the generosity of the people, the goods will be loaded onto a Ceccarelli Group truck and taken to the humanitarian aid reception center near Zara.

An earthquake, and the Friulian people know it better than others - explains the president of the Group, Luca Ceccarelli -, leaves an indelible mark that only time and solidarity are able to quell if not to cancel. For this reason, just as a Friulian company rooted in the territory, we have decided to do our part to help the earthquake victims in Croatia ”.