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Udine, October 2021 - Ceccarelli Group is a historic company in the Udine landscape that has been offering transport and supply chain solutions for more than 40 years. A structured reality, which has been able to innovate and adapt to the continuous changes in the sector, embracing more and more business units. We interviewed Luca Ceccarelli, current President of the Group.

Can you briefly explain how the company was born and what its business model is today?

Ceccarelli Group was founded in 1979 with the establishment of the first company: Ceccarelli Srl.
My father, Bernardino Ceccarelli, after a career as a driver and branch manager, chose to start from scratch by setting up his own business and founding his national groupage transport company. He told me that his luck lay in the fact that customers believed in him from the very beginning and the proof of this is that his first customer, after 42 years, is still served by our organization.

Over the years, the company Transfriuli srl was added to industrial transport, Dilog Srl as a distribution platform for Tuscany, Euro's srl internal software house and for customers and finally Loglab srl, the Group's logistics division. The current business model provides for a circular offer of completeness from the supply chain, through the engineering consultancy of logistic processes, the inclusion of qualified personnel in the warehouses to manage peak demand, the development and adoption of solutions IT to integrate the operations with the available data and finally a directly managed transport offer for the whole national and European territory. We close the circle with reverse logistics by recovering packaging and processing waste to complete a sustainable supply chain economy.

Environmental sustainability is a very important variable for a company that deals with transport: how is it developed in the Ceccarelli Group?

For some time now, our Group has been attentive and active in applying a green philosophy that includes sustainable construction of buildings, the training of traveling personnel towards an eco-driving style, the constant renewal of the fleet with means of latest generation with low CO2 emissions, the use of pallet trucks and forklifts with lithium batteries and recyclable packaging. Finally, methane vehicles were introduced to reduce pollution in city centers and collaborative IT platforms were integrated to avoid empty trips as much as possible. Of course, there is still a lot to do and the next step will be to include a CSR in the team that can support the adoption of new methodologies and intensify the existing actions.

You have entered into partnerships with local realities, both for solidarity projects and for commercial relationships: what is your relationship with the community?

The entrepreneur has a moral duty to return to the territory at least as much as the territory has given to the company, contributing to social prosperity, spreading its values ​​and creating opportunities for growth and employment.

We believe the training of our staff and their children is very important so / for this reason we are supporting members of the CUOA Business School of Vicenza and of the Adriatic Nautical Academy of Trieste. We also collaborate with various high schools in the province of Udine, such as the A. Zanon Technical Institute, the Intermodal Training and Logistics Consortium of Venice and the ASLAM Social Cooperative of Milan to offer periods of alternation between school and work and training internships for students. We are particularly close to sport through partnerships and affiliations to companies rooted in the Friuli Venezia Giulia area such as Polisportiva Libertas Martignacco, Atletica Libertas Majano, Volley San Giovanni, Longobardi Basket Cividale, Mytho Marathon and Cus Udine Nuoto. Furthermore, we support non-profit associations such as LILT - Italian League for the Fight against Cancer, AIL - Italian Association against Leukemia-Lymphomas and Myeloma, Udinese Relay Telethon Committee, Help Haiti in collaboration with ASD Chiarcosso and the “Giovanni Micesio Youth Solidarity Center” ”By Don Davide Larice.

What will the future of transport look like? What is the company's strategy to keep pace with the times, in a sustainable way?

The future of the transport and logistics sector will certainly have to be more sustainable and digital.

When we talk about sustainability, however, we must not make the mistake of understanding the same only from an environmental point of view, because there is also a social sustainability of the working context, where our staff work every day. We must also make human work sustainable by avoiding waiting for drivers to load, long stops at large-scale distribution and creating adequate spaces for breaks and rests in the cabin. Also from the point of view of office staff, a new flexibility and balance between work and private life is advancing, to which we will have to pay attention to retain and attract talent. Another fundamental aspect is digitalization and road transport will have to run. The amount of data is considerable and those who will be able to aggregate it, measure it and anticipate the choices will be able to bring savings to their company and their customers in terms of forecasting rotation and reordering of goods in the warehouse, management and accuracy of picking, availability of means. and load saturation.

Why is it important to be part of a network of responsible companies, such as Animaimpresa?

We believe that many companies have undertaken paths of sustainability and social responsibility independently with undeniable satisfaction, but if information is not shared and replicated, it cannot create social knowledge for the benefit of the whole community. Therefore, we believe that associations such as Animaimpresa can act as a catalyst for all the corporate best practices of the members, helping those who have not yet started this virtuous path to be accompanied on their journey through consolidated tools, tangible actions and highly motivated and qualified personnel.


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