The digitization of Transport Document

The DDT is the transport document that follows the goods during transport and certifies the transfer of the goods from the seller to the buyer. This step can be managed directly by the person who sells the products or by a third party (usually a logistics player). In the traditional scenario, the fiscal documentation supporting freight transport is all in paper format and the actors involved in the process keep a copy with handwritten signature.

The information that must be contained within the delivery note is:

- Progressive number of the document;

- Details of the transferor and the transferee, as well as any carrier;

- Shipping and delivery date;

- Punctual description of the goods transported and of the relative quantity.

The digitalization of DDT is an improvement element of the logistic processes.

Choosing the digitalization of transport documents means definitively abandoning paper to simplify processes and improve them. In fact, the Italian legislation of the transport sector provides that transport documents can travel together with the products, but also be sent electronically. In addition, the spread of Covid-19 has made the need for companies to know immediately the status of deliveries, times and outcomes even more evident.

In transport, working with digital means being able to track documents and have greater visibility of shipping activities. This allows you to align all departments and to rely on valuable data to increase the efficiency of the delivery process.

First of all, speed and completeness are the first advantages that companies experience in adopting the digitization of transport documents.

In the long term, then, the obvious benefits of digitalization of transport documents are:

- Process efficiency: cost and time reduction to manage the document flow;

- Improvement of the traceability of documents;

- Improvement of the visibility of the process;

- Speed ​​in finding information;

- Reduction of errors;

- Reduction of the risk of loss of documents;

- Reduction of billing times;

- Sustainability: paperless logistics reduces the impact on the environment.

The ddt is the undisputed protagonist of the transport and logistics sector and proceeding with its digitization is the key to optimizing daily work.