Groupage Transport: what is it and what are the advantages?

The groupage transport corresponds to a shipment that groups and consolidates goods coming from consignments of different customers in a single transport operation.

This solution allows companies to reduce costs and the freight forwarder to make the most of the means available. Therefore, only when the maximum capacity is reached does the means of transport leave to reach the destinations and complete the shipment.

To achieve the groupage service it is therefore necessary to consolidate the goods, that is a logistics operation that serves to make the use of space and transport management more efficient, presenting a series of advantages such as reducing shipping costs and possibility to pay only for the space occupied in the transport unit.

Given the uniqueness of groupage shipping, the only negative factor is that the pickup and delivery times are not always accurate. This happens because the transport company has to load consignments from different customers and then go to different warehouses.

On the contrary, however, the advantages are many:


  • Economic savings: by grouping multiple shipments the loading costs are redistributed among all senders;

  • The reduction of the environmental impact compared to other shipping methods;

  • The limitation of the risks of loss and damage;

  • Warehouse optimization;

  • Better shipping frequency;

  • A greater amount of routes and destinations covered.


Transfriuli, the industrial division of the Group, has specialized in groupage transport both in Italy and in Europe, thanks to the experience gained over the years and the corporate organization structured to offer a quality service to the client.