Volume Weight Detectors

With the increase in the movement of goods at logistics platforms, triggered by the growth of online purchases, it increasingly confirms how much a logistics revolution is underway. Packages and pallets are increasingly characterized by varying weights and sizes depending on the purchases made by customers, therefore the precise knowledge of the parameters is essential to better organize the space along the entire supply chain: from storage to transport. This detection, nowadays, must inevitably be automatic and for this reason ever more precise and faster systems have been designed.

Use of the camera:

The cameras have undergone a great evolution from a technical point of view. The video shooting of the goods, thanks to special software, can measure the three dimensions and also the volume directly from the images. The recovery also allows you to memorize the reproduction in the event of complaints relating to damage and to scan barcodes or qr-codes.

In this way, with just one quick step, the system collects various information that the company can use for operational, administrative and legal purposes.

The use of the pallet scan:

The palletscan system is designed for automatic detection of the weight and dimensions of pallets positioned on the weighing platform by means of sensors that rotate around. The pallets are identified by a barcode which is then read by a manual laser reader. The information collected is stored in a local database or transferred to the company management system for subsequent processing. In addition, the system can detect a digital photograph of the pallet measured and stored in the archive for statistical or documentation purposes.

The system provides the following features:

- Weighing accuracy: from 0 to 3000 kg: +/- 1 kg

- Measurement accuracy: +/- 10mm for height: +/- 20mm for width and length

- Scan time: about 3 seconds


The use of the parcelscan:

Each package is identified on several sides by an omni-directional barcode reader. With a single measurement and in dynamic mode, the parcelscan acquires the height, width, length and weight data of the package and, in real time, makes them available to the company management system for processing and printing any label. of transport.

Each package is also photographed, in order to certify its conditions of integrity. The system is modular and can therefore be used as an extension of sorter lines or combined with automatic labeling systems. The parcelscan can process up to 1200 packages per hour and all in a totally automatic way, without the intervention of any operator, therefore human error is not expected and reduces processing times.

The use of the DWS pallet - Track and Trace:

The forklift with the pallet is brought under the measuring station and a manual reader detects the barcode and starts the volumetric measurement. DWS Pallet measures the length, depth and height of the object and this system can be integrated with a scale to detect the weight. Upon request, both volumetric measurement and weighing are performed with calibration, so that the data can be officially used for billing with the customer.